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    Supermicrosurgery Education and training

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Lymphedema Practical Workshop - Timisoara, Romania

23-25 October 2019

This lymphatic microsurgical training course focuses on living tissue with hands-on dissection and anastomosis of vessels and lymphatics of 0.7-0.3 mm diameter. The workshop will be hosted by the Pius Branzeu Center in Timisoara, together with living legends of microsurgery as faculty: Dr Takumi Yamamoto (Tokyo, Japan), Dr Giuseppe Visconti (Rome, Italy), Dr Assaf Zeltzer (Brussels, Belgium) and Dr Lucian Jiga (Oldenburg, Germany).


ISL XXVII World Congress of Lymphology 2019 - Lymph in Motion - Buenos Aires, Argentina

23-26 September 2019

This 27th World Congress of the International Society of Lymphology will highlight global advances in lymphatics, dealing with the lymph, lymph nodes and lymphocytes in health and disease and unravelling both the current situation and the future forecast due to the challenges of the lymphatic system. We will take part and be present during the Congress and represent Europe at the Mitaka Kohki stand as well as during scientific lectures and practical workshops.

2019 WFNS Special World Congress (the last Interim Meeting) - Beijing, China

9-12 September 2019

"Glorious Neurosurgery" is the theme of the 2019 WFNS Special World Congress. The WFNS is a professional and scientific non-governmental organisation comprising 130 members including 5 continental associations, 119 national or regional neurosurgical societies and 6 affiliate societies. WFNS is the highest academic organisation of neurosurgery and the family of all neurosurgeons around the world. The WFNS congress plays an important role in enhancing medical technology, strengthening academic exchanges and promoting collaborative research and exploration in neurosurgery and related disciplines.

5th FEN Sapporo Live Microneurosurgery Course in Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Surgery - Sapporo, Japan

21-26 July 2019

The FEN course will teach participants the practical aspects of basic approaches to aneurysm, skull base surgeries and cerebral revascularization. It will be hosted by Sapporo Teishinkai Hospital and course faculty will be: Rokuya Tanikawa, MD and Hiroyasu Kamiyama, MD.

10th Congress of the World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery - Bologna, Italy

12-15 June 2019

The WSRM congress is an important occasion to meet and exchange opinions and techniques. In addition to the classical topics of reconstructive surgery of head and neck, trunk, breast and limbs, the congress will address innovative microsurgery techniques for lymphatics, supermicrosurgery, tissue prefabrication and use of microvascularised grafts from cadaver.