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    Supermicro Reference Suite

    About PRO VITA Supermicro Reference Suite

Microsurgery ultimate solutions

- selected for performance-focused surgeons.


Special times call for exceptional instruments – and never has this been more the case than today, with surgeons’ ever-advancing skills in microsurgery. Technology is constantly developing to enhance the precision of operations performed under the magnification of supermicroscopic lenses, responding to the clinical needs of world-class surgeons. Selecting the optimal solutions from those available is our goal and we want to strengthen our position every day. Together with surgeon teams, reference centres across Europe and the world, biotechnologists and engineers, we verify technologies clinically, constantly striving for improvement in achieving supermicrosurgical precision.

The Shokunin way

When our long-term surgical partners are seeking to make breakthroughs that were previously thought impossible, they often have to face technological limitations in the tools they used. Against current economic trends and refusing to accept ‘quick-fix’ solutions, we combine the best Japanese traditions of solid handcrafting with cutting-edge innovations in resolution to invoke the spirit of Shokunin and create truly robust technology that allows surgeons to ignore previous limitations and devote themselves to perfecting their intricate procedures. The precision of our instruments, aligned with these surgeons’ incredible abilities, puts them into a category of their own – the supermicro category.

Demanding clinical applications meet the ultimate in technology

Since its founding in 2001, PRO VITA’s core value has been to combine innovative medical technology with proven clinical application. Our goal is to evaluate, select and implement technologies that make a true impact on clinical procedures and their outcomes. PRO VITA’s team of medical doctors and biomed engineers works hard to make the best use of each of our solutions.

PRO VITA’s Reference Supermicro Suite is the culmination of our experience. Extremely demanding applications meet the ultimate in technical solutions. Years spent selecting state-of-the-art partners and systems and optimising configurations have resulted in this one-of-its-kind super-advanced package dedicated to the most demanding surgeons in Europe.

We are proud of every piece of technology within the PRO VITA Reference Supermicro Suite. TOMASZ DYMEK, MD,
founder and CEO

We are proud to be the exclusive partner in Europe of Mitaka Kohki Co., Ltd and EMI FACTORY Co., Ltd.

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