Mitaka MM51

Our superior surgical microscope has the highest resolution optics available for supermicro- and plastic surgery.

Resolution revolution

The larger objective lens of the MM51 combined with Mitaka’s advanced 8:1 zoom system creates a microscope with twice the resolution and magnification of other surgical microscopes – without focal length extender accessories.

More than twice the resolution and the native magnification of other surgical microscopes.

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Exceptional magnification, unparalleled stability.

Handcrafted in Japan. Originating from space observations.

The story of Japanese company Mitaka Kohki's surgical devices goes back a long time to before the creation of the first Mitaka microscope. For over half a century, we have been developing and producing astronomical telescopes, space innovations, industrial instruments, solar energy solutions and medical instruments. We use the experience we’ve gained in the space industry, in particular in ultra-high-precision tracking of stars, in our current microscope production. Many decades of designing and refining surgical microscope stands and delivering over 4,500 units to the market all over the world have resulted in technology, quality and stability that are second to none.

Mitaka Kohki is a Japanese manufacturer of superior surgical microscopes.

Mitaka MM51 - Premium Surgical Microscope

The only 8:1 zoom available for surgery

This unique design provides a brilliant image at high magnifications and allows the surgeon to clearly operate on vessels of less than 1 mm diameter.


Mitaka MM51


Availability: Available on request

Mitaka MM51 - part of the PRO VITA Supermicro Reference Suite – the ultimate in microsurgery solutions dedicated to surgeons focused on performance.

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